• Rustic Wooden Planters!

Rustic Wooden Planters!


These beautiful planters are smaller than their newer counterparts, making them ideal for a smaller space

Beautiful hardwood reclaimed wood, blends in with surroundings and gives it a shabby chic edge!

Made by a talented woodworker in Suffolk

Looks lovely with Christmas roses; wildflowers in this time of year

Or grow veg in me in the Summer...



So many women, particularly, walk by my stall at events and are desperate for planters, gardening can be back breaking work

These are just wonderful gifts to a partner... I know I'd be thoroughly thrilled to receive one!

Gift Set

We also do a gift set, of a bottle of wildflower seeds, cornfield annuals, which make a superb display in the first year, with two planters for £49

Comes with an info sheet and a wrapped bottle of seed


Free delivery in most of East Anglia, message me first to confirm. We deliver ourselves

We can also send further afield but message me for a quote


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