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I offer bespoke one to one's or group bookings of up to three at a date chosen which is suitable for us both, or I run courses at the below dates, at set times:

1. Thursday 19th May DESIGN YOUR OWN PATTERN (paper stencils) 10-12, £20

2 . May 26th Thursday Print your own tote bag £35 3-4 hours 10-2

3. Saturday 18th June, DESIGN YOUR OWN PATTERN (paper stencils) 10-12, £20

4. June 23rd Thursday Print your own tote bag £35 3-4 hours 10-2

5. June 25th Saturday Print your own tote bag £35 3-4 hours 10-2

6 July 7th Thursday Print your own tee £60 3-4 hours 2-5

7. July 10th Sunday Print your own tee £60 3-4 hours 2-5

8. August 11th Thursday Print your own tote bag £35 3-4 hours 10-2

9. August 14th Sunday Print your own tote bag£35 3-4 hours 10-2

10. October 27th Thursday Sew Your own tee 10-12 £60 2-3 hours hours… 10-2

11 October 29th Saturday Sew Your own tee 10-12 £60 2-3 hours… 10-2

12.. November 11th Friday Sew & print your own tee 10-4 £80 5 hours

13. November 26th Saturday Sew & print your own tee 10-4 £80 5 hours

What to ENJOY from our courses:

Be unique!

Have fun, learn how to connect with your creative side again... work with your hands and bring something new into this reality

The intention for these are to learn and have FUN! Be creative...
Some time away from linear jobs to work with your heart and hands...

Come and join us within our Fashion Design Studio and learn how to screen print and sew with Slc-Slc as seen in The Times and Notonthehighstreet

Location of all courses:

SLC-SLC, 160 Hadleigh Road, Ipswich Suffolk IP2 0HH

Email or call 07890 280052 to book

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More info on the courses:

DESIGN YOUR OWN PATTERN (paper stencils)

Thursday 19th May; Saturday 18th June, 10-12, £20, 

This workshop is purely to design your own pattern;

so we will work with you to create a perfect pattern for screen printing

using paper stencils and paper cutting; which means you have a positive and a negative image.

We recommend you book onto a ‘print your own…’ course subsequently if you wish to have a tutorial on how to print too…


Thursday May 26th 10-2; Thursday June 23rd 10-2. Saturday June 25th 10-2; Thursday August 11th 10-2; Sunday August 14th 10-2 

£35 3-4 hours 10-2

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

We'll help you to design your own pattern... and then print it onto your bag.
These are hand cut stencil patterns, so a positive and negative image
Beginners can do this.. Pls do contact me for more information on this if you wish.

Practical for now-a-days when we're plastic-free..
This A4 tote bag will be a useful and beautiful addition to your wardrobe... not only can you tote it about with you for shopping/ studying.. you can also know that you made it
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- --- --- --- ---
Extra Information:
Some ppl may wish to try some designs out pre course and you're welcome to send them over for us to check suitability before course.

Alternatively, if you'd like to have longer getting to know your pattern and exploring this creative area. Why not sign up to our 'Design your own Pattern' course first where you get two hours to hone your pattern making skills. There are two dates for this: Thursday 19th May; Saturday 18th June, 10-12, £20


Thursday July 7th; Sunday July 10th £60  2-5

Print your own Suffolk made tee

Create your own pattern

Hand cut it

Learn how to use a screen

And go home with your very own unique, British made jersey and Suffolk sewn tee of your size & the print designed by you!

All materials provided

(tees are normally £60 full price) 


Thursday October 27th; Saturday October 29th £60 10-2 

Learn how to sew the basics with our jersey knit course

Learn how to cut the fabric using one of our patterns;

Use an overlocker and a sewing machine to bring your work together

Go home with a complete tee!



12.. Friday November 11th; Saturday November 26th Sew & print your own tee 10-4 £80 5 hours

Bringing together the best of the two above courses in printing and sewing

You will leave with a supreme quality hand printed and sewn tee by your lovely self

Lunch and refreshments provided...


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