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    Wooden Planters

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    Wooden Planters

    Wooden Planters


    Made in Suffolk by a very talented carpenter and joiner

    These planters will bring a dead area of your garden alive, perfect for patios, odd areas of the garden and anywhere you want easy peasy planting!

    Lovely and deep; easy to plant up

    Just fill with soil and go ahead, doesn't dry out easily

    Well made & sturdy

    Zinc coated screws which last!

    Tantalised timber which lasts!


    All Planters are:

    20 inches wide & 15 inches deep

    & individually:

    Small 44 inches long £40

    Medium 32 inches long £60

    Large 20 inches long £80

    Set of Three £160

    Need another size?

    We can make custom orders too! Contact us for this service


    We can deliver to Suffolk ourselves for a flat rate of £20

    If you live further a field, please contact us, and we'll arrange for a delivery quote.

    Email sarah@slc-slc.co.uk for a quote

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