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    Wooden Planters

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    Wooden Planters

    Wooden Planters


    Made in Suffolk by a very talented carpenter and joiner

    These planters will bring a dead area of your garden alive, perfect for patios, odd areas of the garden and anywhere you want easy peasy planting!

    Lovely and deep; easy to plant up

    Just fill with soil and go ahead, doesn't dry out easily

    Well made & sturdy

    Zinc coated screws which last!

    Tantalised timber which lasts!


    All Planters are:

    20 inches wide & 15 inches deep

    & individually:

    Small 44 inches long £40

    Medium 32 inches long £60

    Large 20 inches long £80

    Set of Three £160

    Need another size?

    We can make custom orders too! Contact us for this service


    We can deliver to Suffolk ourselves for free


    For the rest of UK please select Heavy Goods Shipping

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