• Sapling green 🐦 Bird Box & 🐝 Bee Hotel

Sapling green 🐦 Bird Box & 🐝 Bee Hotel


Welcome to our Bee Hotels & Bird Boxes, designed to help encourage Nature into your garden & allow you to enjoy watching them and be part of the garden scene!

Bee Hotels

There are over 260 species of solitary bees in the UK, they are the unsung heros of pollination! They don't take back pollen to  a big nest like bumblebees or honeybees, so they don't collect pollen on the fur on their legs like they do... which means each flower they go to they brush off much more pollen... they are incredibly efficient at pollinating. This makes them Natures and a gardener's friend... 

A number of them absolutely love the spaces we have created in bee hotels... they mimic dead stalks in the garden... all the areas often lost by tidying of habitat.

Pop the bee hotel in a sunny spot preferably South facing, I would opt for somewhere you can watch it as it's a delight to see them go in and out of the canes and wood... and fill them with either mud caps or little circles of green leaf! They lay eggs in these spaces & also hibernate here.. 

Birds Boxes

We can make these to suit whichever bird you'd like to attract, but the hole in this listing is predominantly for blue tits.

We have put a lock on the front, so that predatory birds cannot gain access, but you can to clean out at the end of the season

Built to Last

We build all our Bee hotels and Bird boxes out of reclaimed North American Pine, they are very sturdy and last well. 

Made in Suffolk

All of our items are handmade by carpenter's in Suffolk. It's a family business. 

Order Options

You can choose either the Bee hotel and Bird box matching set, or just a bee hotel or bird box at the checkout :)

Bee Hotel £25
Bird Box £25

Set of Matching Bee Hotel & Bird Box £45


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