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Kew Print Lined Pots


Welcome to our Hessian Pots

Created by Nature, Vince and Sarah in our Suffolk studios

"Understandably, hessian pots are quite a new idea for people So I've compiled some reasons why they're so eco and people friendly :

1) A natural product that is fully degradable so wont pollute even when its outlived its usefulness

2) for larger items like trees and large veg plants you can plant the pot to avoid disturbing the roots

3) for herbs with invasive roots it keeps them in check.

4) the pots are really pretty

5) less polymer beads slopping around our oceans from degrading plastic

6) Nature likes them

7) Bees hang off the sides to rest...

8) Create you own little eco system on your patio; in your garden; on your allotment.

9) They make superbly pretty cover pots for herbs on windowsill; put a plate and pot inside them

10) add to allotments as pollinator friendly/ bee mix to encourage pollination of fruit and veg you only need to stand direct on soil and will rot through in time; part of the 'no-dig' revolution... don't break your back.

Make life easy.

Hessian pots are defo the way forward !"



Sets include one LARGE pot printed, the rest plain.

If you'd like all printed contact us, or if you'd like another size printed instead, contact us. 


Waterproof, but eco water-based inks

Drawn from life, at Kew Gardens, this print is truly unique and very fitting for a plant pot

Create a Mini Wild Flower Meadow !

Our bees and pollinators need help

You can create a mini eco system in a pot,

Add a wildflower seed packet for £1.50

Provided by the same seed suppliers HRH Prince of Wales uses,

We send these out in envelopes of approx 1gram of seed, which fit neatly inside pots

Perfect as a gift for another; to yourself; or to your garden and pollinators!

Sew Autumn to Spring for best results. You get an information sheet with each purchase!

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Other uses

Why not try me as a toy tidier, a household pot

Many people at markets have brought these pots for this very purpose, they're also great as crafting tidy-upers and we use them all the time to carry around thread and scissors to and from workshops.

They also look great as a hamper at Christmas time, pop a beer bottle or two in the smallest hessian pot and wrap up

Tah dah,.. present perfection ! 




Order now and receive within 2-3 days on express delivery

or 5-7 days on standard delivery



If the item isn't quite right for you,  you can return within 28 days for a full refund

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