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Posted: Jul 08 2016


Hi there, I'm Sarah from SLC-SLC I hope you’re all well today
I am showing you today how we make our British made garments

You can see here Becky, she’s a local student who’s come to learn how to screen print in 2015 and I am going to start offering people in the local area lessons in how to screen print their own garment in 2016.
Becky is now off to Leeds University to study Fashion Design this September 2016! A very talented lady

So, if you're interested in this do contact me at the end of this video and i’ll give you the email address and I’ll pop you on the mailing list

You can see here Becky and I have been collaborating and creating a new print so were doing a fish heart print a little watery world of fish, full of life and we’ve just finished cutting this screen with a stanley knife, so you can really create whatever you want to

Now we’re going on to putting ink on to the screen so we’ve created a stencil

You can see we’ve picked a lovely blue colour, it’s all part of the creative process, we have all sorts of different colour inks to choose from

We’re using a big screen here so we’re creating a big print on the centre front of this t-shirt

Beckys working with the squidgee, pulling through the ink
we’ve speeded it up a little, and you’re just going to see now the first sample onto the newsprint.

Really happy with that it’s come out beautifully!
Now that we’re happy with that we can move onto the next stage, which is actually printing
Onto the t-shirt!
Now, this could be your design, onto your colour of jersey, and here you can see the finished designs on to all sorts of different t-shirts we’ve created, onto all sorts of different colours, shapes and styles.

Do get in touch
the email address is
and the website address is
I have a special link which is in the post here and we’ll let you know when we start the courses up:

We are now offering courses on:

Printing a Tote Bag £35 10-2
May 26th (Thurs); June 23rd (Thurs); June 25th (Sat); August 11th (Thurs); August 14th (Sun) 2016

Print your own British Made Tee 2-5 £60
July 7th (Thurs); July 10th (Sunday); 2016

Sew your own British Made Tee 10-2 £60 one to one
October 27th (Thurs); October 29th (Sat) 2016

Sew and Print your own British Made Tee 10-5 £80 one to one
November 11th (Fri); November 26th (Sat) 2016

also if you’d like to get started sooner, we can create special one to one sessions with you by appointment, email

I hope you have a great day and i look forward to hearing from you soon

Speak soon!

Sarah x
British made fashion


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