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Posted: Sep 15 2015

In a world where so much is going at such a pace, it is wise to stop and slow down...

We love the #slowfashion movement and this is the ethos behind our clothing company at SLC-SLC... there's really no point in rushing and doing a bad job... making foolish mistakes or creating a throw away culture of clothing which doesn't last and isn't wanted.

To create a more holistic outlook... beautiful, timeless patterns and cuts, taking time to create and enjoy the love of the process. Spending time in nature to revive and rejuvenate during the creative process; nurturing and taking care of things; people, plants, spaces... This is why we also have a beautiful garden at the SLC-SLC studio, to attract bees and pollinators, in an otherwise industrial area of Ipswich, Suffolk. The joy a few extra pots brings myself and others in the workplace and surrounding area is astounding. 

I'm also keen to be mindful of nurturing relationships with our  seamstress', designers, and customers... everyone we are in contact with, to create a beneficial environment for everyone, where clothing is made in a happy environment, with uplifting colours and designs to go and increase joy to their new owners 

Very wise words below, please enjoy:

Technology versus Nature, where is humanity going ?

Humanity is at a crisis point in evolution.
We are turning more and more to technology to run our lives.
Many have turned from a being of Nature , turning away from the nuances of the web of life we are all connected too. Using technology to tell us how to think, what to think, how to live ..becoming living robots.

Many do not see, they only look.
Many do not listen they only hear.
Many do not feel , their bodies, their emotions.
Many are unaware of themselves at all

Many are so hooked into the TV, computer games, phones. Their self awareness has withered if it was even used at all.

Many have lost the ability to send out their senses to perceive the world about them.
Many do not know they can, many do not want to.

Can we retrieve ourselves?
Can we slow dow , become mindful.
Many have to because their lifestyle makes them become ill, have a mental or emotional break dow .

To have the choice, you have to recognise what's happening in the first place.
We all live fast mad lives caught up in the media , the shoulds, the politics, the religions. We often give ourselves no time to think because we are in the middle of a fast flowing river.

Perhaps slow down, ponder, take a fresh look around at the trends, what's going on n the world, or even your world.

Nature is a not separate from us , we are a part of it. We have often tried to ignore this fact ...believing we run the planet. Nature will be here long after we have passed on. Damaged mind you, because we cannot see how our actions cause reactions. Why? Because we have lost our connection at a very fundamental level of being and knowing and sensing.

Mindfulness is a buzz word at the moment, it's the way to begin to train yourself to sense the world around you.

Robina Hearle. 6.2.2015

This article is re-published with permission from Robina Hearle's wonderful blog



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