Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?!

Posted: Jan 12 2015

My heroin, 

I love Pocahontas... These drawings are ace

Drawing and painting are some of the most therapeutic past-times for me - I love these more realistic portrayals of Disney characters

It's all about portraying an image which is healthy and strong in my opinion
What was your favourite Disney character?! I admired  Pocahontas so much because she respected nature; listened to her gut... loved John Smith because he was John Smith, not because of where he was from. 
Plus, she has a fabulous turquoise necklace.
 Paint with all the Colours of the Wind, a song from the movie, (listen here), must be one of my all time fave songs! So beautiful; really resonates with creative personalities who can see beneath the surface... make a painting from a feeling; imagination; love. The words in the song are beautiful.
Think I might have to listen to the Pocahontas soundtrack whilst I work today :-)
I'll be channelling it for the new collection!


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