Cats never let anything darken their ROAR!

Posted: Jul 20 2014

Loved this weekend in London!

A perfect time away to enjoy some new sights

Ok... so before you head out on your big day in the city:
Another thing I learnt on this girly weekend was the importance of the slow-burn carb... Ive been struggling a little lately at the studio with low blood sugar and getting
immensely hungry very quickly which isn't great when you're busy making orders and busy busy days...
I am now a firm advocate of the spelt pancake/ bread.. anything really!
Trust me, it keeps you going for ever - avoid the white alternatives if you want stamina over time!




It's certainly an entirely different universe to Suffolk, love it though, full of energy and life and most of all very, very eclectic.

Had a fantastic time at my friend's Camden retreat... love this garden flat, you can actually watch the plants growing at eye level.. perfect :)





I'm lucky to have some very knowledgable friends who are real foodies and always intro me to the best new places in London to visit and taste the delights 

that such a melting pot as London has to offer...


Bec and I always manage to find a St John's.. it's the perfect understated mix of Great British food and ambience...


And finally... I do love cats... 

This reminds me of Katy Perry's ROAR! This was a real anthem for me when pushing the business forward last year.. it's an song of strength

Love it!



Just remember that next time you're up against it ;-)


Sarah xx



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