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Posted: Jul 06 2014

I had a fantastic time at Petta Fiesta this weekend - it's a true resort to experience lots of new cultural delights and R E L A X!


I have to thank Anne Gould from Essential Suffolk for letting me know about this hidden gem - Suffolk's biggest party!



The hosts, Jane and Andy Dyball who have had illustrious careers in the music industry, working with fantastic talent such as Elton John & Beyonce, know their stuff about what's hot and what's not - which is precisely why for such an intimate festival, you get to experience a lot of talent for your money!


We particularly enjoyed the Suffolk born Charlie Law & the fantastic, confidently astute swagger of the Pale Fires Listen to a track here


To top all of the emerging talent, a real draw to the festival has to be the excellent local food company Suffolk Foodie, the brain child Clare and Ruth, food bloggers & a local hotel inspector - so you can be sure everything is top notch! :-)


We really were spoilt for choice with the most amazing chorizo burgers; pina colada cake and breakfast buffets to die for!


After the food.. you can head over to a tipi for an Indian head massage! Spoilt for choice!!


Anne and I felt we were at a resort escape and had such fun, one of the best bits included an outdoor showing of the timeless Doris Day film: Calamity Jane on Friday night, after the campfire Chuckwagon beans! ;-)


I'm really hoping that Jane and Andy continue this event and it goes from strength to strength, this was the first year it's been open to the general public after it growing from a family affair; to a village affair and finally to a mini-festival! It's really perfect if you want something more intimate with real style and literary and art offerings with a lot of interesting people to chat to! 


All of this and the profits go to the Teenage Cancer Trust!! 




See all of my pics from the event here


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