• Meditations Starting Today

    Posted: Sep 13 2016

    Meditation is a good way of improving focus, removing the unnecessary from life. Simplifying and letting go.
    This includes physical and emotional pain, which is increasingly released the more we become in tune with ourselves.
    I have a new group starting up at 5:30pm tonight, Tuesdays £5 per person, no need to book.
    I'm just off a14/ a12 really easy to get to
    Free parking, follow the signs for Community Action Suffolk we're down a private road just by Chantry Park. 160 Hadleigh Rd, IP2 0HH
    Sarah x

    Posted: Sep 12 2016

    Why I make these clothes...

    No. 4)

    Think of us as #slowfashion

    Like the #slowfood movement

    Start thinking of ingredients as including... materials, dyes, who made the clothes, their energies

    Ppl have caught up with this idea. of wholesome nutritious food... artisan baked or restaurants with food which has been sourced locally 

    But, not so much with clothing yet

    I get to create #slowfashion here... and spread the word and therefore enlighten those who may not have even thought about who sewed their clothes, or the plant that their material came from.. or the work involved in just one tee. When it's made from scratch one at a time. 

  • #Whomadeyourclothes?

    Posted: Sep 12 2016

    Why I make these clothes

    No. 3)

    I get to know, intimately,  who made the our clothes

    and the ingredients... so the

    fabric, the thread.. 

    I sew all the clothes myself or with two other lovely ladies who really ENJOY sewing 

    After all, we all wear the stories of our clothing... 

    And that includes, the plant (or plastic based material in some brands)

    The people who wove it

    The dyes used

    The screen print inks used

    The sewers... their mood... their story 

    If you enjoy your work, you create a piece of JOY for others to wear. 

  • Because it's JOYFUL

    Posted: Sep 12 2016

    Why I make these clothes...

    No. 2)

    Too much of life is dull, boring and a chore

    Working with colours and prints and helping to bring some light and life into someone's life is wonderful !

    What I make is a little piece of art

    Hand cut patterns, hand silk screen printed one at a time; designed here and sewn here... every top, skirt pattern pattern cut here.. 

    It means that you get something unique. Wonderful.. Colourful. Just like you !


    And I love offering that as a service... 

  • Why do I make these clothes?

    Posted: Sep 12 2016



    Why do I make these clothes?
    This month I am going to try to put this into words, in small snippets to share our story with clients,

    Because having a local skills base where people in this country, Great Britain, still know how to make things, is important.

    This is empowering for people, shopping locally, knowing the story behind their clothing and also supporting the local economy and those who are working within it.

    We don't want to completely lose the skills which allow us to survive in basic ways; one of these includes making things; sewing; pattern cutting.

    To stop using, other people and other countries for their resources. And allow them too to create their own local skills bases where they too are earning a fair living wage.

    A small thing, which I believe has a large ripple effect for us all...


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