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Posted: Sep 12 2016


Put pots en mass In garden or roof terrace or balcony
Green some of grey Britain and make your property look all the better ! Even the area by bins can be greened as seen on Gardener's World last week #greeningthegrey #greeninggreybritain

Our furry friends the bees and us as well.could all do w a boost of Nature to lift the Spirit and help the Natural world

Pop 5or more in a space and w their beautiful unique fabric edging they look superb

Also a move away from plastic !

I also sell seeds so if you live in London and want to get set up for Spring colour get your pots now whilst they're still at low introductory price and get Set w bulbs or seeds to ping colour and joy to all around
Easy to post

There is a link here for just pots of you'd like seeds bulbs too just pm me and start a discussion


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