Gentle Giants

Posted: May 25 2016

Interesting experience today... Arrived at the studio to find the majestic hornet I had heard.. and then seen from outside in the windows above mine (I have a boxed off area in a large industrial building) had indeed made it into my studio (gaps in my ceiling by windows)

I was very pleased that it made itself known on the window before i went in so i could ask George (kindly gent next door) to safely go in and set the hornet free...

This creature really was amazing to look at ... Big as a queen bumblebee and I am so pleased we've managed to release it. I was a little concerned for if yday as it clearly wanted to get out but couldnt

Interesting read about hornets here... I have heard they are gentle giants before.

I know last year I thoughti had a hornet in my studio that was about to hibernate... Now I realise it wasn't... It was a queen wasp (which George also released earlier this year)

I now know what a hornet looks like. They ... Like wasps are very useful to the eco system I have read


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