First Strawberries of the Year

Posted: May 23 2016

Arrived at the verdant studio garden this morn to find I now have 4 more strawberries ripe & ready to eat!

This is very exciting for me as often I struggle to eat breakfast so being able to go out and pick the tastiest strawberries during the morning really helps me out!

I am new to harvesting crops and so always check w the Deva of the garden and plant in question, whether I should be picking crop on this day. I wish to wait until it is ready

There are many reasons for this - in terms of maintaining the energetics of the plant and The Nature Spirits, who tend each plant...
Also it allows the full rays of the sun to reach the plant and for it to fully develop and reach a state of joy from producing its flowers and fruits - which is also better for us. To eat fruit which is very local and fully sun ripened means we get more vitamins and is in sympathy w nature


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