Studio Garden Friday May 20th 2016

Posted: May 20 2016

Studio Garden Friday May 20th 2016
Bumble Bee visiting:
Broad Bean flowers (only brought to studio today)
Early Pea flowers (only brought to studio today)
Salvia (just bloomed today!)

Quite a long shape, it got right inside the Pea Flowers, so you couldn't see it!
So interesting to watch it figure our how to enter broad bean flowers, hinging action on flower so lower petal comes down allowing bee entry

Is it a bumble bee or a solitary bee?!
[after some research I think this was probably a Mason Bee (possibly Mining Bee) of some description with it's furry ginger head and black body and longer shape. Apparently they are the best Pea Pollinators around, and it seemed to know it's way around a Pea... There are over 250 species of solitary bees alone and they are invaluable pollinators]


I saw a Dragonfly! [whilst sitting and chatting to a lady from across the road whilst gardening]
It landed on the Broad Bean leaf [we were both amazed]
After some research I feel this must be a Large Red Dragonfly male, very slender
What a treat!
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