Lawn Flowers

Posted: May 10 2016

Just some of the beautiful wondrous wild flowers you will allow to flourish and ‪#‎feedthebees‬ ‪#‎savethebees‬ if you let a corner of your garden lawn‪#‎growwild‬

Plus it allows you some time off from moving if you choose to allow the whole lawn space to breathe and grow

If you look closely in your lawn you'll see many different leaves - many of these are wildflowers

Many bumblebees have very specific tongues for specific native wild flowers

and due to loss of habitat to intensive agriculture and changes of practices bees and wildflowers have been pushed out the last 70 years

making your garden more important than ever

help them and thereby help yourselves
Remember, without bees much of our food would disappear

We are all of nature


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