How to make your own container pallet urban garden!

Posted: May 26 2016

How to make a ‪#‎pallet‬ raised bed container garden...

These pallets are in my studio garden which is in an urban industrial complex

The aim is to bring back life and nature to this area

This pallet cost me nothing

Got the pallets from a farm w permission (got HT heat transfered stamped ones)

the plastic lining was from a friend whod finished using it

I stacked the two pallets on top of one another...
I then sawed off some planks to make space to plant

I then put pallets on top of plastic lining and then folded neatly plastic lining around it pulled it taught and staple gunned it into place

Finally I made some slits in the bottom of the plastic for drainage and stood the whole bed on top of the two slats id sawn from the top so they were raised to drain...

I made this double height as I wanted to ensure the plants have room to grow for their roots

Really worth having a go. its a big gardening space! Recycling... Buying containers pre made this large would be expensive

I chatted to a lovely lady today outside the studio who is very active in gardening community charity
Who was really interested in this as a new idea to create space to plant ... She took pics and will pass on idea



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