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  • Eco Hessian Pots are Defo the way forward!

    Posted: Nov 01 2016

    Understandably, hessian pots are quite a new idea for people
    So I've compiled some reasons why they're so eco and people friendly :
    1) A natural product that is fully degradable so wont pollute even when its outlived its usefulness 
    2) for larger items like trees and large veg plants you can plant the pot to avoid disturbing the roots 
    3) for herbs with invasive roots it keeps them in check. 
    4) the pots are really pretty 
    5) less polymer beads slopping around our oceans from degrading plastic 
    6) Nature likes them
    7) Bees hang off the sides to rest... 
    8) Create you own little eco system on your patio; in your garden; on your allotment. 
    9) They make superbly pretty cover pots for herbs on windowsill; put a plate and  pot inside them
    10) add to allotments as pollinator friendly/ bee mix to encourage pollination of fruit and veg
    you only need to stand direct on soil and will rot through in time; part of the 'no-dig' revolution... don't break your back. Make life easy. 
    Hessian pots are defo the way forward !
    Eco hessian pots, greening the grey
    Perfect for RHS's #greeningthegrey #greeninggreybritain campaign
    I have used these pots to great effect at my studio garden, where I have a strip of concrete and a tall wall to play with !
    eco hessian pots, #savethebees vegetable grow bag
    Perfect for Christmas presents, ready to get planning and started with your garden early next year. 
    You can have them custom printed, or embroidered with your logo/ message
    I also accept wholesale orders.
  • Do you live in London ? Or have a roof terrace..

    Posted: Sep 12 2016

    hessian eco friendly pots


    Do you live in London ? Or have a roof terrace... A balcony or a patio in surb-urbea
    Or an allotment where you'd like to encourage bees or have unique planting ideas?
    Or a country garden where you'd like to add some colour to patio or directly on top of soil? A mini raised bed?

    Try our hand sewn eco friendly Hessian pots made in Suffolk England !
    Ready now to post out all across the country ! You can pick your size and the colour fabric you'd like as a trim

    Soon I'll also be doing large grow bags metre squared

    Message me for more info and please share w friends who may be interested
    This is a new business and ever so helpful to spread the word ! Thanks in advance !

  • Gardening idea...

    Posted: Sep 12 2016


    Put pots en mass In garden or roof terrace or balcony
    Green some of grey Britain and make your property look all the better ! Even the area by bins can be greened as seen on Gardener's World last week #greeningthegrey #greeninggreybritain

    Our furry friends the bees and us as well.could all do w a boost of Nature to lift the Spirit and help the Natural world

    Pop 5or more in a space and w their beautiful unique fabric edging they look superb

    Also a move away from plastic !

    I also sell seeds so if you live in London and want to get set up for Spring colour get your pots now whilst they're still at low introductory price and get Set w bulbs or seeds to ping colour and joy to all around
    Easy to post

    There is a link here for just pots of you'd like seeds bulbs too just pm me and start a discussion

  • Hand made Hessian Pots now for sale !

    Posted: Aug 26 2016

    Shop our hand made hessian pots here
  • Being

    Posted: May 26 2016

    How I spend a lot of time in the garden

    And listening

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